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Leadership development is a process.  Like any seed of life, it requires consistent and intentional care for the potential of that seed to fully manifest

Elizabeth Teliz-McQuarrie

Elizabeth Teliz-McQuarrie


Elizabeth believes in learning for the sake of personal development and growth as key to success in all areas of career and life. She has an open-minded approach that comes from broad-based facilitating through her 20 years of business experience. As a leader, Elizabeth understands the value of investing in people to link “Decode Greatness” principles with high-performance, individuals, team and organizations that achieve unity and results. She has a drive and passion for creating a culture that encourages an empowerment approach through increasing personal greatness.

Elizabeth's empathic listening style and curious nature make her a sought-after coach and adviser. Elizabeth motivates people to connect with themselves and each other by understanding who they are and why they are here, in a way that fosters a personal state of greatness. Elizabeth has worked in:  small businesses, non-profit organizations, politics, mining industries and healthcare. She understands today's need to be on the cutting edge of innovation, growth and personal greatness.

It’s amazing what we can do when we know and feel who we are!

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